I was born in Medford, and lived all around the valley as a child. I grew up with my loving adoptive family on the outskirts of town, attending Phoenix-Talent schools, and met my husband Zac while attending SOU. My life experiences are diverse and help me to relate to people in our community. 


When Zac graduated with a degree in biology in 2004, due to a lack of job opportunities, we moved to Portland. Within a short period of time, I worked my way up from the ground floor, to manage a team of 20 within a company that provides cash incentives to people making energy efficient upgrades, through one of Oregon’s most successful programs, the Energy Trust of Oregon. I am proud to have worked on a program that added $8.3 Billion to Oregon’s economy, added over 12,000 jobs, and has saved Oregon’s families $8.2 Billion on their home utility bills through partnerships with local, small businesses.


When the time came to start our family, Zac and I moved back home to the Rogue Valley. Despite struggling to find a job to support our growing family, Zac eventually got a great opportunity to join an electrician’s apprenticeship program. With Zac now a journeyman electrician we consider ours a success story here in the Valley.


As a mother, I am invested in making sure our planet is safe and healthy for the future. I’m here to make a difference, and I’m passionate about supporting the families of my community so they have the chance at successfully raising their own kids here, too.  Volunteer service in climate groups led me to leadership roles in organizations that support affordable housing solutions and healthcare in the Valley and statewide.  When volunteering to stay overnight at the Winter shelter, I saw the immediate positive impact. I felt so rewarded by that experience, but it showed me that we are just a few short-staffed volunteer shifts away from people sleeping outside in the cold. It showed me we need better solutions. 


My community involvement led to an appreciation of policy making and legislation.  I am an alumna of Emerge Oregon, an organization that teaches women to become civic leaders. I am working with 1000 Friends of Oregon on their initiative that teaches leaders to become adept in Land Use policy.  As for my positions on numerous local boards and councils, I am also an expert on efficiently leading meetings that make sure no one is left out.  


Sitting City Councilors talk about my strength in the face of adversity, my strong family and local values, and my commitment to the vision of a better Medford - but most importantly, community members encouraged me to run for this office because I’m devoted to public service and civic leadership, and I’m prepared for the job of City Councilor.

A City Councilor should represent the WHOLE community - they should stand up and make tough decisions based on what the people of Medford want - and I’m the candidate here today who will do that. I’m asking for your vote today because I will work hard for you to succeed. Medford’s fire fighters, our union workers, and leaders in Medford’s health care community agree that I’m the best person for this job.


Medford is in a state of shock, and a state of crisis. Our climate crisis is all around us. The lack of housing, the lack of jobs, is driving individuals and families away from the Valley. Expert collaborators are needed to turn Medford’s decline around, and I am a strong team player.

What Medford needs is a team player who is committed to getting Medford moving forward. New construction projects for housing will keep people safe and bring in revenue. New solid careers are in reach when training programs are out there. We can help the economy when we create better options for seniors, and when we keep people healthy. It’s time for Medford to get to WORK.


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