Southern Oregon Central Labor Chapter

SOCLC is fighting for the rights of all workers to a fair wage, fair benefits, and safe working conditions in Southern Oregon. As a regional chapter of affiliate unions of the Oregon AFL-CIO, the Southern Oregon Central Labor Chapter fights for all working people and their right to come together in union to negotiate a fair return on their work. They are devoted to organizing new workers; electing leaders and advocating for legislation which supports working people; and engaging with more communities in Oregon and with more organizations outside of the labor movement.

Medford Firefighters Union, IAFF 824

The Medford Firefighters originally formed in 1886. In April of 1945 they organized to become Medford Professional Firefighters Local 824. They represent Professional Firefighters, Battalion Chiefs, and Deputy Fire Marshals who work for the Medford Fire Department in Medford, OR. 

Progressive Oregon Women (POW!)

Progressive Oregon Women believes that every woman has the power to be a superhero in her community. POW! is an organization dedicated to giving progressive women in Southern Oregon the tools, training, and support needed to take on leadership roles from the school board to the city council to the state legislature. We want a Southern Oregon where progressive women are strongly represented in elected positions and face fewer barriers to running.

Shirley Anderson, LCSW (Medford Ward 1 Resident)

Sarah Spansail has been a dedicated leader in our community for several years. She has served with me as a committed member of community committees and non profit organizations.  Sarah has shown her impressive leadership skills while working tirelessly at a local and state level. She serves with honesty and transparency. Most importantly, she has lived in Ward 1 of Medford and understands the needs and perspectives of the residence here. Sarah is dedicated to growing our neighborhoods in a way that will enhance the lifestyle of our residents. She cares about her city and will listen to the residents. She works hard and never shies away from making tough decisions. Sarah stands opposed to the Circle K project as she recognizes that the residents of the neighboring area did not have an initial appropriate opportunity to be heard. Sarah would be an asset to the Medford City Council and I highly endorse her and recommend the consideration of her vote.

Caren Caldwell (Reverend & Local Community Leader)

The most important thing to know about Sarah Spansail is that she cares—she cares about the well-being of the people in our community in everything she does, whether working for tenants’ rights or a fire-safe environment. 

And, in order to find the practical solutions to the real problems we all face, she has built up a breadth of knowledge and experience through her work with local social justice organizations.     

As a housing commissioner in Ashland, she demonstrated that she can do her homework and bring diverse viewpoints together.  

Read her platform.  Sarah can see the interconnection in the big issues that impact our lives and she goes after those intersections that present the best possibilities for bringing people together for a healthier community:  wildfire and affordable housing, covid and small businesses, clean energy and living wage jobs, homelessness and access to health care, education and a public internet.  

Marina McCambridge (Medford Resident & Community Leader)

To have a great choice like Sarah running for Medford City Council, means we will have someone who will bring strong leadership, accountability and fair representation to all Medford residents.

Lauri Hoagland (Nurse Practitioner delivering care to Medford patients)

I have known Sarah for the last 5 years. She is not afraid to speak up, she pays attention to detail and can be trusted to follow through with her commitments. She cares deeply about her community and making improvements for all residents with a focus on justice and compassion for the most vulnerable.

Gina DuQuenne (Local Community Leader)

Sarah Spansail, is a true leader in her own right. It is in her DNA to lead. When you look back at her history of service you can rest assured that Sarah is the correct person for Medford City Council Ward 1.

Nathan Soltz (Medford Ward 1 Resident)

Sarah is the only candidate in the race I can trust to truly work for our community. She has a proven record of working on solutions on the issues that are important to us - housing, economic development, civic engagement, and so many more. If you want a proven leader representing us in the city council, please join me in voting for Sarah Spansail.

Virginia Camberos (Medford Community Leader)

It's a pleasure to know Sarah Spansail, such a dedicated leader in the Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon. Her commitment to the betterment of this Valley has been displayed at every collaborative event that she has been part of. We are so grateful to have such an amazing person that is helping our community thrive.

Reverend Liz Olsen (Clinical Chaplain)

Sarah understands and cares about the needs of families and seniors. I have been taken by how Sarah exudes a calm, caring, and hopeful presence. She really sees and understands families and seniors.

Kay Brooks (Medford City Councilor)

I think Sarah is an excellent team player. She has strong values, a strong constitution, and a strong vision for what Medford can become. Her devotion to community service and civic participation primes her for a position is public service.

Clay Bearnson (Medford City Councilor)

Sarah’s passion for community and government are inspiring. Her perspective of representation for all citizens would be a great addition to the Medford City Council.

Athena Goldberg, LCSW (Medford Resident)

Sarah Spansail has the experience and dedication to be a needed voice in our Medford's City Council. She has worked and dedicated many hours to help our community grow with thoughtfulness and with integrity. I have no doubt she will serve her constituents with those same qualities, while bringing needed innovation. Sarah cares for the community we live in, she will bring passion, care for the vulnerable and energy to Medford's City Council.


Sarah's made certain our local voice is heard and that Southern Oregon is part of important conversations at the Capitol building. 

Michelle Blum-Atkinson (Medford Resident & Community Leader)

I fully support Sarah Spansail for Medford City Council. She’s tough, hard working, and smart. There’s currently only one woman on the City Council, and having a diversity of voices will make our city stronger.

Darby Ayers-Flood (Mayor of Talent)

Sarah Spansail has my full endorsement as a candidate for Medford City Council. She is smart, she listens, she considers all input, she prepares and she is decisive. It is the perfect skill sets if you want decisions made that endeavor to serve the broad community.

Eleanor Ponomareff (Talent City Councilor)

Over the years I continue to be so impressed with Sarah's co-creator management style and organizational chops. When undertaking any project, she inspires team enthusiasm about the vision while keeping a firm grasp of the details. Her broad experience and strong community relationships make Sarah the ideal candidate to step up to the Medford City Council dais. Sarah gets it done!

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